Atlantis (XR Environment)

Responsible for: 

  • Original idea and concept for interior scene
  • Modeling and texturing of Manta Ray creature and purple glowing building
  • Modeling and texturing of whole interior scene except for statues, bottle and utensils
  • Scene layout
  • Models’ transfer to Unreal and material creation and assignment
  • Lighting

Software used: Maya, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine, Disguise

This is a collaborative project from people of different disciplines. I led a team of 18 students to create this underwater scene in order to be used as a background for filming on the LED Volume stage.

The models were created and UV unwrapped in Maya. A high poly version of the models was used for baking inside Substance Painter. After extracting the textures, they were moved into Unreal Engine. The Landscape and Foliage tool were used for the sculpting of the ground and the placement of the plants respectively. The last step was lighting the scenes and creating sequences in Unreal.

After the finalization of both scenes, the environments were loaded into Disguise and sent onto the XR stage.

Implementation on the LED Volume through Disguise

Polys: 22568

Polys: 30430