About Me

Hello! My name is Vilelmini Gotsis and I am a 3D Artist with a primary focus on modeling, texturing and volumetric effects.

With a Bachelors in Animation & Interactive Media and a Masters in Visual Effects, I am a well rounded individual with knowledge across multiple software packages.

It has always been a passion and a vision of mine to contribute to the production of movies and bring entertainment to people, to make them forget reality, and transfer them into another universe.

Software Proficiency

3D Modeling

Houdini, Maya, 3Ds Max, ZBrush


ZBrush, Maya, Mudbox


3D Substance Painter & Sampler, Photoshop, ZBrush

FX Animation

Houdini, Maya


Houdini, Maya, 3Ds Max, ZBrush


Mantra, V-ray, Arnold

Composting & Editing

Nuke, After Effects, Premiere

Game Engines

Unity, Unreal Engine

Other Skills

Familiar with the entire 3D pipeline


Have helped as a Production assistant, lighting assistant, boom operator & technical assistant in number of short films

Proficient in UVs using various programs

Experience with particle systems, flip fluids & pyro effects

Familiar with VR & XR technologies and Disguise software

Intermediate Python scripting skills

Excellent integration skills

Excellent communication & organization skills